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Polygon Guilds are all about the vibe! We invite all dabblers to  come flaunt their code and meet fellow builders
at your nearest Guild.


Find like-minded people; passionate about all things web3 and Polygon.


Tap into the collvective and expand your Web3 knowledge.


Form Guilds to build on web3 collectively with your team.


of 20000 Builders

100+ Guilds, 51 countries, and counting for more!

Polygon Guilds are local Developer Communities with various activities to help you collaborate with other builders in your region.

Find your tribe
join a guild in your city

Got a squad? start your own guild

Become a Guild Mage with Dabl Club

Contribute to the Polygon ecosystem
Take on a leadership role at events
Connect with your local community
Teach others about blockchain technology
Host Twitter Spaces with Web3 speakers

We'll help you build your guild

Learning resources and playbooks
Mentorship and support from Dabl etam
Exclusive merch, goodies and NFTs



I currently run other communities, am I still eligible to run a Web3 Guild in my city?


Yes, running other communities doesn’t stop you from applying to start or lead a Guild in your city.


I don't have community-making experience, does that affect my chances of getting selected?


Yes, to lead a Guild you need to have some experience with community building and Web3.


I want to have special events, like a conference other than the local meetups. Will Dabl Club be able to support the conference financially?


Absolutely! Dabl will support you in any way possible. Make sure to talk about this to the Dabl Club core contributors, and share your plan highlighting the event timeline, audience, and expense breakdowns.


Will Dabl Club provide me with marketing materials and swag, like standing banners, t-shirts, and templates for talks and meetups?


Yes. We don't want to limit our representative with swag, and we aim to provide good marketing material support.


I am a university student. Am I allowed to run a guild as well?


Yes, as long as you have some experience with community building (perhaps at your school or on campus), you are welcome to apply.