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1. Understanding Ethereum

This course introduces major topics in Web3, breaks down the Ethereum stack and gives an overview of the current UX in Web3 and what pain points still exist.

2. React and Web3

This course introduces the project that we will be working on for the duration of the course and demonstrates how to set up a wallet for your project, Web3 libraries like viem and wrappers like and how to set up a React frontend to read and write from the blockchain.

3. Securing Defi Frontends

This module dives into the principles of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), emphasizing secure practices in frontend development and interactions with ERC-20 tokens, which are fundamental for any DeFi application. It aims to prepare developers for creating secure and efficient DeFi interfaces, particularly focusing on token handling which is crucial for the upcoming module on token swapping.

4. Implementing Token Swapping in DeFi Apps

This module transitions from foundational DeFi concepts and secure ERC-20 token handling to practical implementation of token swapping functionality. Learners will explore how to integrate with existing DeFi protocols for token swapping, focusing on the use of APIs like the 0x protocol for seamless token exchange.

5. Testing

This bonus module is dedicated to the methodologies and tools essential for testing React applications that interact with the Ethereum blockchain, specifically through viem. The module will guide learners through configuring their testing environment, employing viem for mock blockchain interactions, and establishing best practices for robust and reliable frontend testing.


What is Dabl Dev Camp?

Dabl Dev Camp is an incentivized bootcamp to accelerate your journey from web2 to web3. The bootcamp is aimed at enabling web2 developers to dive into necessary web3 skillsets.

What are the requirements to participate in the bootcamp?

The course structure needs you to have a good understanding of React framework to be able to make the most out of this bootcamp.

I don’t know React, will I still be able to register?

While you can register, the bootcamp needs you to have basic knowledge of react.

Where can I find the bootcamp courses?

The courses will be hosted on the Dabl Club learn platform that will be launched shortly.

How do I earn points from the bootcamp?

The platform automatically rewards you points for completing your courses from the bootcamp. All you have to do is put your heads down and learn.

What are the points useful for?

Over the course of time, we will be launching multiple exclusive perks like fireside chat with the Polygon team, events access, hacker house invites, and many more things.

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